Buying Radiator Valves

Puzzled by pipework? We got you.

Buying your radiator valves

Here’s how to pick the perfect pair.

Radiator & towel rail valves give you control over the heat output of your appliance, making temperature adjustments easy. Some valves connect to pipework at different angles, so it is important that you choose the right ones.

Keep in mind that your radiator or towel rail – and its valves – will be on show, so be sure to pick a pair you love the look of! All our valves are designed to be used with standard 15mm copper pipework.

Select an image that best describes your pipework and inlets

How your valves connect to your appliance depends on your pipework and inlets – this is the same for radiators as it is for heated towel rails

Inlets at the sides, pipes come up through the floor

You Will Need:

Inlets at the sides, pipes come out through the wall

You Will Need:

Inlets at the bottom, pipes come up through the floor

You Will Need:

Inlets at the bottom, pipes come out through the wall

You Will Need:

Double inlets at the bottom, pipes through the wall or floor

You Will Need:

What Types of Radiator Valves are available?

Angled Valves

  • Most common valve type
  • Connects at 90° angle
  • Works with pipework from the floor or the wall
  • Manual & thermostatic (TRV) available

Best-Selling Angled Valves

Corner Valves

  • Connects at 90° angle
  • For side inlets, valve head sits vertically for a neat finish
  • For bottom inlets, valve head sits under the appliance for convenience
  • Perfect for pipework coming from the wall
  • Manual & thermostatic (TRV) available

Best-Selling Corner Valves

Straight Valves

  • Works best with bottom inlet radiators & towel rails
  • Only suitable for pipes coming up from the floor or along the wall
  • Connects vertically or horizontally
  • Manual & thermostatic (TRV) available

Best-Selling Straight Valves

H-Block Valves

  • Features double connection to join pipes and inlets on Middle Connection radiators & towel rails
  • Helps to save space by using one valve instead of two
  • Angled & straight versions available
  • Manual & Thermostatic (TRV) options

Best-Selling H-Block Valves

Manual vs Thermostatic Valves

Both manual and thermostatic radiator valves do the same job in a slightly different way. They both work in pairs and allow you to control the temperature of your radiators.

Manual Valves

Manual valves work in a very similar way to a tap. You can open and close a tap to regulate the flow of water, and a manual valve will do the same with the water entering your radiator.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic radiator valves (also known as TRVs) measure the temperature in the room and then automatically adjust the heat output of the radiator. Most TRVs feature a numbered dial. You simply turn the dial to control the heat output. The higher the number, the more hot water will enter the radiator and increase the room temperature. TRVs allow you to create different heating zones throughout your home which can potentially reduce your energy consumption and can also save you money in the long run on energy bills.

Modern & Traditional Radiator Valves

Just like with designer radiators, radiator valves are all about combining form and function to suit the style of your home. Our valve collection features everything from modern chrome and anthracite radiator valves, to beautifully crafted traditional radiator valves with vintage-inspired details.

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What are Lockshield valves?

Lockshield valves perform the function of balancing your radiators by regulating how much heat the radiator gives off. This ensures that they will all heat up at the same rate around your home. In each pair of radiator valves there is one lockshield valve and one control valve. You can tell them apart because the lockshield valve is usually covered with a plastic cap.

What style of radiator valves are available?

We stock an eclectic collection of radiator valves designed to complement your home decor and enhance the look of your radiator. Our modern minimal radiator valves are available in a range of stylish finishes like matt black and anthracite grey to colour match your radiator. If traditional is more your style, you will love our timeless, antique style valves in a selection of warm brass tones and classic tap style designs.

What are smart valves?

Smart valves, or smart radiator thermostats, are a simple and effective way of creating a more efficient home heating system, reducing energy usage and saving money on heating bills. Our Milano Connect smart radiator thermostats are designed to replace the head of your standard control valve and communicate with the Milano Wi-Fi gateway hub (available separately). The hub then remotely connects to your phone or tablet, allowing you to control multiple radiators at once using the free Smart Life app or the settings on the individual radiator thermostat. Our smart valves are even compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa!

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